Twenty Fifth Sunday // 5 – 11 Feb

Today marks one whole month of being in Boston, it honestly feels like its been such a long time already because each day is so packed, exciting and different. Today also marks the first time that I’ve managed to publish on a Sunday! One month in and we are finally getting into the swing of things woo.

On Monday night in Boston Common, they closed down the Frog Pond for BU students to skate for free til 9pm! With one ice skating lesson down my belt I wasn’t able to do much but we also got free hot chocolates so I’m really not complaining.

Tuesday night, we had Korean for dinner and Dunkin Donuts for dessert. I had no idea but Dunkin Donuts originates from Boston which makes sense as to why there is one on every corner; “America runs on Dunkin,” they say. We tried the Boston Cream and some munchkins- I didn’t think they were groundbreaking but then again it was late so maybe they were old. I also wore one of my new blue knits from Pretty Little Thing that day, I can’t wait to shoot my collab with them for you guys, everything is gorgeous and cozy.

It snowed on Wednesday – the snow flakes were so big and it was pretty magical watching them fall the whole day from Marciano Commons. Walking in the melted slush at night was less idyllic. For my second skating lesson, we learnt to stop and “glide” and I feel more confident on the ice now I.e. don’t constantly think I will fall! Every Wednesday night at the dining halls they have themes which I think is such a cute idea!!!! For some reason, I’ve missed every Wednesday dinner for the past month but this week I finally got to go and it was the best theme – breakfast for dinner! Think fried chicken and waffles, French toast and fried eggs.

On Friday, I crashed my friends 8am yoga class hehe! I really wanted to take this class originally and they didn’t have space left but my friend said I could probably keep going unless the instructor kicks me out so that’s what I’m going to do. Afterwards we did some weights and I’ve said it before but god the BU gym is sooooooooo nice and spacious I’m obsessed. We went to a Winter Olympics viewing party in the evening and they had Insomnia Cookies. Wow. They were next level crispy. You know how raisin oat cookies are usually quite dense and soft? Not these ones, they were suuuuper crunchy mmm.

For lunch, I went downtown and saw one of my Boston clients from work (so cool!) and walked down China Town as well. We grabbed ramen on the outskirts of China Town at Amateras Ramen – it gets filled up fast with the lunch time rush and is the best ramen I’ve had in Boston so far (I’ve had three bowls so far – Wagamama’s and a place in Cambridge). I also went to Primark which was an experience in itself. I’ve heard about them from all the UK YouTubers and I had no idea they had expanded to across the pond. Everything is spectacularly cheap and super cute too – I picked up this robe for $5 – it has a crown on the hood heh! I might need to go back for their Harry Potter collection ahh. Also note my extra pom pom on my beanie that I tried on in Macy’s, its so overdone but I’m also obsessed.

On Saturday night we watched 50 Shades Freed at the local cinema. I didn’t think I would ever start the series but it wasn’t too bad … you can’t really take it seriously because it has all the hallmarks of bad writing … I endeavour to watch the first two now. The cinema we went to was teeny (I think there was less than 50 seats) and tickets sold out fast so we ended up in the first row but our seats reclined so it wasn’t too bad haha! Before the film we had Southern food at Sweet Cheeks, they do a mean rack of ribs and I also tried biscuits for the first time which are basically larger versions of scones.

It rained non-stop on Sunday so I spent it mostly indoors starting my assignments. I went down to Pavement Coffee for a change of scenery and my friend who was going to the Børns concert that night realised he was there!!! I made her ask him if it was actually him and it was!!! Except he wouldn’t take a picture with her sadly 🙁 For dinner, I went back to my favourite healthy spot in Boston, Digg Inn for some veggies and protein goodness. I miss their brussels sprouts though, they’ve stopped doing them because they’re no longer in season.

Next week should be a good one, we’re kicking Monday off with the Beanpot game at TD Garden (GO BU!!!) and the update will go up next Tuesday, Eastern Standard Time for reasons I will explain later!

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