Twenty Fourth Sunday // 29 Jan – 4 Feb 18

Happy Tuesday people! Tuesday is the first day of classes for me each week so its my version of Monday which means its okay to do a weekly recap in the middle of the week, right?!?! Basically, long story short I am late again with my Sunday recap but here it goes anyways.

I’ve worked out Monday to be my errands day now – I do my laundry (why can I still not figure out the perfect balance between my clothes being lovely and toasty dry and also not shrinking ?!?!), buy groceries and meal prep for the week. I also realised I can camp out at the dining hall and study and eat several meals and snacks before leaving and its still technically just one swipe on my meal plan (ssh!)

BU offers lots of 1 credit and half credit classes for students and I’ve decided to take up ice skating this semester. First lesson was a success in my books because I didn’t fall. We mostly just went up and down the rink in a zombie pose very slowly. Since I was on the west side of campus where the ice rink is, I also tried a new dining hall and I have to say, the athletes at BU have it good. They have a waffle machine (drool), a salad bar that has roast chicken (the other ones don’t have meat) and the ambience is slightly fancier – it feels almost like a cafe.

Friday, I went back to Quincy Market with a visiting friend and got the hot lobster roll. It was to die for. Cold rolls are great for a summer barbecue but in the dead of winter you want that hot buttery goodness and Boston Chowda Co hit all the right notes. So so delicious and worth the exorbitant price tag. I’m just waiting for someone else to visit so I can oh so selflessly take them their to experience it again! For dessert I tried my first pecan pie and even though I don’t have anything to compare it to, I thought it was excellent. Americans and their pies, I have so many more to try, oh dear.

On Saturday, I had my first ‘brunch’ type meal in Boston. After stopping by many times to try their cappuccino and only their cappuccino, I bit the bullet and got their Greek Style Pancakes (simple but beautiful, big and fluffy), Lamb Meatball and Labneh Shakshuka (Traditional North African dish with tomato sauce, bell pepper, eggs and feta cheese with toasted challah bread) and Ginger morning bun. After brunch I made it across the river to Cambridge to visit the fine institution that is Harvard. I’m going to put up a Harvard post later in the week so get ready for some Legally Blonde references and a whole lotta Harvard crimson.

Sunday was the SUPERBOWL!!!!! I picked up my New England Patriots merch, a 6 pack and my new found American love, an XL bag of Cheetos and got myself pumped for a big night. All the locals were saying when we win everyone runs to Boston Commons and celebrates together. I mean the police even had roads blocked off ready for people to run across town. I thought it was guaranteed we would win (haha) so it was pretty tragic that it didn’t happen. Instead, we all just sadly walked back to our apartments in the rain, ready to call in sick for tomorrow.

Lastly, I wanted to mention a couple of cool blogging things that happened in the week. One of my posts made it into the featured page on Bloglovin’ and gained a lot of views and I was also featured on J.Crew’s instastory on Sunday! Finally, Pretty Little Thing sent me two outfits yesterday which I am obsessed with and I can’t wait to shoot the looks for y’all – cute autumn gear for Australians in spring time colours for the Americans 🙂

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