Twenty Third Sunday // 22-28 Jan 18

This week i found myself at several food chains that were quite good and rounded out the weekend with a spontaneous trip up to the slopes! So I guess these posts will just go up on Monday now since this is the second consecutive Sunday I’ve missed my deadline!?!? I will endeavour to be better next week.

Monday was my lazy day, not having anything scheduled in the morning is a bad thing to do to yourself! After lunch I decided to venture outside – a total of 300 metres down to whole foods (1st time there, don’t understand why its so hyped!) to pick up some essentials. In the afternoon, i decided that too much time indoors was unhealthy so I headed into Tatte for a much needed, acceptable level cappuccino to finish my readings. In the evening I went and picked up a salad from Sweet Green – they’re super hyped up and quite good but my friends and I agreed that Dig Inn from last week was better because they have more warm options and a better selection of protein and veggies.

On Wednesday night we went down to Prudential to try and find some ski bits before our weekend trip. We decided to skip the dining hall (sad to say I missed Hawaiian night) and try Eataly instead. I was so impressed by all their colourful produce and cheese. They have handmade pasta in a rainbow of colours and we tried the ‘Pappardelle con Funghi’ which was housemade pappardelle with roasted mushrooms, soffritto and pancetta. The pizza was nothing special – we had the ‘Capricciosa’ which was tomato sauce, mozzarella from Napoli, prosciutto cotto, mushrooms, artichokes, olives and extra virgin olive oil. I say stick with the pasta! For dessert I had one lick of my friend’s sweet milk gelato which was super tasty but my stomach by then was just kinda done. Judging by the name itself, Eataly is in fact a restaurant chain which is usually questionable but the food here was honestly so so delish!

Friday, I got my flu shot in the morning and then went for a run in the gym. The best thing about Boston is that you can walk everywhere, I can easily do 10k steps everyday and often make it to 20k which is a godsend since my eating has been pretty out of whack and it’s hard to fit in a workout at the gym because it’s about a 20 minute walk from my place. I went back to my apartment and speed packed everything into my carry on.

Everyone else had one outfit and a backpack and I had my backpack, crossbody and a carry on because I wanted to shoot a collab with Jord Watches there #bloggerprobs !!! We caught the T to North Station and then the Commuter Rail to Wachusetts. The train journey from North Station took 98 minutes and was also the last one of the day. I would really recommend it if you’re interested because the whole view there is lovely and scenic – lots of frozen lakes and what I like to call ‘Hallmark Christmas Movie towns’ at every stop. It costs about $11 one way.

For dinner we went to Blueprint, there was a bit of a wait since it’s one of two reputable restaurants in Wachusetts according to yelp. The food was American sized (I.e. can feed two per dish) and my favourite was the ‘Fig and Gorgonzola’ pizza – fig, Gorgonzola, caramelised onion, bechamel sauce and balsamic glaze (thought this was so refreshingly trendy of them for a classic American style bar). On Friday nights they have a live band until 11 (cute sleepy town here) and the vibes are good – they played drops of Jupiter so I was stoked.

Saturday was our full ski day! I’d be waiting for this moment since my last time skiing (two years ago) and I couldn’t wait to get back out there. The last time was also my first so I was worried I would have lost my skills so I went back and did the level 1 & 2 lessons as a refresher. Our instructor said my turns were good so he bumped me up to another class and I was so chuffed hohoho! This weekend was such an improvement because I was finally turning smoothly. I still remember I spent the whole of last ski trip going straight down (scarily dangerous in retrospect) using my pizza stance to just start and stop. Also I was pretty cautious on day 1 because I didn’t want to risk anything and didn’t fall down once! As the sun set, I picked up a pretzel, hot apple cider (I need to see if I can find some powder form of this stuff to bring back home) and sat by the fire which was super cozy way to end the afternoon.

We decided to just get take out for dinner because we didn’t feel like waiting 45 minutes for a table at the seafood place – the second of the two reputable restaurants on yelp. We called it a night early since we wanted to wake up nice and early the next day for a final half day of skiing!

Sunday I fell down a couple of times because I got too cocky. The first time was just walking to the slopes – why?!?! The second was when my friend said she would film my awesome skiing maneuverers and as soon as I saw her half way down the hill I got too excited and lost my balance – the result is pretty funny, you can check out my instastories to see my fall! Sadly, we had to leave after a late lunch and made our way back into Boston. Everyone was sleeping on the train but like the dedicated blogger I am, I spent the whole journey writing out my recap for y’all 😉

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