Twenty Second Sunday / 11-21 Jan 18

*edit* this was meant to go up yesterday but then i fell asleep so its going up on monday, EST and tuesday AEST whoops. 

We are bringing Sunday Sessions back but in a new format!!! I’ve been in Boston for a week and a half now and wanted to do a quick recap of my adventures so far. The plan is to do these weekly every Sunday and include as many pictures as possible!

I flew out of Sydney on United Airlines on Thursday morning with a stopover at LAX and arrived in Boston Thursday evening. The view from my descent into Boston as the sun was setting was an icy one 😮

The first night on campus I went to my first (of many I am sure!) ice hockey game.

I picked up my Charlie Card (their equivalent to our Opal card) and took the T to visit the beautiful Boston Public Library. I told myself that I can’t wait to study here and then find myself back a couple of days later doing readings and not loving it haha.

Newbury St is an adorable brownstone street littered with cafes, shops and Georgetown Cupcakes. I tried the salted caramel cheesecake cupcake and also get a cappuccino. I told myself I wouldn’t drink coffee here but I ultimately succumb because I think hey, this is a cute and hipster-ish coffee shop, maybe they care about their coffee! Verdict – they don’t.

I try Digg Inn which is this delicious build-your-own-healthy bowl place and By Chloe, a vegan ‘fast food’ joint. They sell amazing desserts too including this espresso cinnamon cookie which is the size of my face.

We receive ‘terrier’ shirts as part of our orientation and I buy my first piece of BU merch – a red BU cap. I wear both pieces to the BU vs American basketball game. They have a band, two cheerleading teams and throw out t-shirts and pizzas at half time, I feel like I’m in high school musical with all the red and white going on!

I had my first lobster roll, clam chowder and hot apple cider at Quincy Market, they were all de-lish! The roll is buttery and I am surprised that the lobster is served cold but it works well together.

We visited the Boston tea party museum which was an hour long interactive history lesson/tour. They take us on one of the boats and we ‘threw’ tea into the harbour. It was a really fun experience and I was impressed with the ‘performance’ itself, everyone was in period costume and the 18th century artworks came alive and talk like in Harry Potter! I would suggest looking at Groupon for discounted tickets and going at off peak times so the group is much smaller. We managed to get discounted tickets to the 5pm show at 4:59pm on Groupon for about $17 which is almost 40% off the ticket booth price.

Our dining halls are actually not too shabby, there’s a huge variety of cuisines and options to cater to everyone but I’ve been particularly impressed with their soft serve machine, the build your own omelette, the pumpkin pie and we had mussels for dinner one night too which i thought was quite fancy!

That’s all for tonight, I might go back and edit this a bit later, the writing is off kilter, my apologies!