Hello Boston! // First Snow Day Outfit

Good Evening from Boston! I arrived last Thursday and have been getting over my jet lag – the 16 hour time difference and 20 hour flight really screwed me over but I slept for almost 12 hours last night so I think I’m on my way to normality. The last five days have been spent exploring the city and the campus (which is essentially the same thing), multiple trips to target to stock up on dorm supplies and attending my first of many ice hockey games.

Today was the first day it snowed!!! Not enough to build a snowman, just a few flurries in the morning but I still pulled out my new Sorel snow boots for a spin. I was worried these would be bulky to walk in but they’re surprisingly comfy and snug with some thick socks. I’m actually still wearing them now as we speak because I don’t have a pair of UGGs or slippers just havaianas ha! I have also been living in this coat for obvious reasons and I’m going to do an in depth post talking about how I chose my first proper winter coat – I’m an avid excel-spreadsheet-er so I spent a month comparing costs, down fill, etc etc before I settled on this one.

Fashion isn’t exactly something at the forefront of my mind at the moment, the main concern is staying alive in the cold haha but I will endeavour to post as frequently as possible. The posts will come at sporadic American times but I hope you enjoy <3 !!!

Wearing: Seed Heritage Beanie / Quay Australia Sunglasses / H&M Knit Sweater / Triple F.A.T Goose Down Parka / Cheap Monday Jeans / Sorel Boots

  • Monica January 19, 2018 at 2:54 am

    How exciting! I’m loving this outfit – even after 21 years of living in snow filled Canada, I still find it a struggle to dress warm while still staying cute!!