2018 // Books to Ring in the New Year

Happy New Year !!! Are you a new year’s resolutions maker or have you gotten to the point where you break so many you don’t even bother anymore? For 2018, I am ringing in the new year with three new books – all of which have different ‘themes’ that I want to focus on. I’ve been doing themes rather than specific resolutions over the past few years now – it feels a little less daunting but still gives me a sense of direction to start the year off right.

‘Capture Your Style’ by Aimee Song: I don’t think I’m ready to give up on Style Smorgasbord quite yet … and picking this up and reading it from cover to cover in one sitting was exactly what the doctor ordered. Get ready for some kick-ass content and a change of scenery in 2018. I also want to remember to take more personal photos because it might come as a surprise to you but I don’t actually pull out my phone camera as much as I’d like to when I’m out and about. I was scrolling through my phone today and couldn’t remember anything I had done because I was too awkward about taking a photo! So even if its one poorly lit restaurant selfie, I’m going to make it a mission to capture a photo about each day for my poor memory’s sake.

‘the four’ by Scott Galloway: In 2017 I discovered that I actually really like to learn. You’d think I would have realised this concept earlier after 16 years of schooling but apparently not?! Whether it be picking up a book, watching a tutorial or listening to a new podcast, I am committed to finding a better, more efficient way to do something, learning a new skill or challenging my not so world-ly perspective in 2018.

‘New England’ by lonely planet: I haven’t explicitly written a blog post on this yet but in just under a fortnight, I’ll be studying abroad in Boston, MA. The prospect of going on exchange has been something I’ve wanted for the past four years and its taken almost a year of applications, essays and endless paperwork to bring this dream to fruition. Massachusetts is, of course in New England so I am very excited to venture into these six states and beyond in the first half of 2018.

may your 2018 be everything you hope for and more xoxo

I also wanted to look back at my year with some of my favourite blog posts each month, with the exception of November when I took a break for finals:


















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