Combatting Post Christmas Blues – Eat, Drink and Shop your way through

How are we feeling post-Christmas? Are we a) never drinking again or b) pour me another so I can ready myself for the Boxing day sales? If b, then great, you’re at the exact right place because today we are covering the best ways to celebrate in the write off days between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve.


These Turkey Cranberry Sliders are so yum and turned out so much better than I expected – I adapted the recipe from here. We’ve made them once for a Christmas dinner with friends and then again on boxing day with leftover smoked turkey. Start by cutting a dozen mini rolls in half and spreading cranberry sauce on top before placing them in an ovenproof dish. Top with chopped up turkey and lots and lots of cheese! Grill in the oven until the cheese is melted.


The Cider Mojito is perfect for the leftover bottles of cider you have lying around the house. Start by muddling mint leaves, lime wedges and a shot of white rum at the bottle of your glass. Top with half soda water, half lower sugar 5 Seeds cider and a handful of ice. Add in a slice of orange for some extra zing!



Thanks to 5Seeds for providing the goods – you’re the real MVP on the 26th. 



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    This looks amazing!!!

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