Yearbook Three

Doing something for three years is a decent amount of time. In three years, you can complete an undergraduate degree, travel to Mars and back* or harvest a pineapple. In the last three years I’ve decided to cultivate Style Smorgasbord into what it is today – my little space on the internet where I can creatively thrive with a humble following. As per my first and second year posts, I’m going to list out the goals that I kick-butted in year three and my goals for year four.


Invest in a new lens: I purchased my first non-Canon lens this year. Its the Sigma 17-55mm F2.8 and it has become my absolute go-to in developing my photography style this year. Its my heaviest and most expensive lens but is killer for all types of photography especially travel when you want both length and depth.

Re-engage with the community: This was a bit of a hit and miss and depended on how busy I was that month but overall anytime I engaged with the community it would engage right back. Unfortunately, this is a bit of a if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours kind of industry/world we live in so I just gotta accept it haha.

Put more thought into each editorial: I am really happy with the way the Style Smorgasbord brand has developed organically. Branding is a lot harder than it looks but with each year, I can see that the #SS brand is growing from strength to strength and is essentially a curated extension of who I am. Take a scroll through my feed and you will see consistently bright pops of colour  backdropped against lush greenery. My photos are meant to be playful and I hope they bring joy to your daily scroll. The fashion I feature is inspired but attainable, I max out my wardrobe as much as possible and encourage you to think of old pieces in new ways.

Goals that weren’t achieved: I’m going to be honest and say I didn’t really try much with a lot of these goals. In retrospect, I probably did overreach last year and put down too many goals but these are still things I want to work on going into year four: learn more about Lightroom; work on my email list; prioritise back-end work and shoot all photographs in RAW.


Educate myself: I discovered podcasts a few months ago and listen to them on my commute to work. One of my favourites is A Drink with James – its run by James Nord, CEO of Fohr Card who I personally think is a f*!king legend (excuse me for my profanities but James enjoys dropping the F-bomb and I think it would be a great disservice to him if introduced him any other way). He is an expert on influencer marketing and I have learnt so much about the industry. He also invites a lot of guests on his show as well who provide interesting insight into the many ways of ‘making it’ in the digital space. I also enjoy the Business of Fashion by Imran Amed who is the founder of BOF (the fashion version of the Harvard Business Review if you will).

Make some BUCK: Is it passé to talk about money? Maybe … but I think its foolish to pretend you exist on another moral high ground where money isn’t something you should consider. This year, I started making money through Style Smorgasbord. Not a lot but a few hundred bucks here and there. I won’t have my full time job next year (I’m taking a year off to go study abroad and finish my degree but more on that in a separate post!) so it would be great if I could make some extra income doing something that I would do regardless if I were getting paid or not. Plus its quite fun to draft up a moodboard, send out briefing documents, create content with renewed vigour and invoice a client at the end – thrilling stuff to see numbers in your bank account!

Write more: I love writing but there have been a lot of posts in the past year where I’ve just let the photos do most of the talking. I don’t think that my blog brings much added value to my readers if they’re making the effort to turn on their computer and pull up my site just to see more images that they’ve seen on Instagram already.

Do it differently: Blogging has just turned into a big fat cliche. I don’t want to be the travel blogger with the aqua skies and acai bowls or the “minimalistic” blogger with the Gucci belts and white walls . I want to carve out a different space for my site. I don’t know what it is yet, but I hope you’re excited to discover it with me.

That’s it, just four high level goals that I hope to carry Style Smorgasbord into year four with.

Thank you to all my beautiful readers who have been with me every post, hashtag and sartorial step of the way! Thank you to the PR companies, the brands – big and small who have had faith in me in capturing their brands through the Style Smorgasbord lens. Thank you to all the blogger friends I’ve picked up along the way, its such a strange phenomenon to post pictures of yourself on the internet but its nice that others get it to.

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*Mars is technically 6 months travel time away from Earth but is only located close enough to complete this journey every two years!