Trick or Treat Yo’Self

Halloween is not relatively huge in Australia but it has quietly crept up as an up and coming holiday tradition in our neighbourhood. A couple of spiderwebbed doors, pumpkins for carving at the supermarket, I can feel it slowly being embraced by a few houses. I am all for it, any excuse to deck out my house in festivity is endorsed by me ha! Here are a couple of ways to get in the spiriiiiiittttttt ooooooooooh:

Soak in Lush Bath Products: Lush always kills it this time of the year with their extensive range of Halloween delights. I always appreciate the sparkly pumpkin bubble bar so I am super stoked to see it out in pink as well this year! Make sure you break up the pumpkin to get maximum use, I’ve managed to get up to 5 baths with tons of bubbles per bar – the trick is to start running the bubble bar under the tap midway as you fill up the bath so the bubbles can continue to multiply as the bath fills. I used the ‘Lord of Misrule’ last weekend and created an insane pink and green bath but I can’t wait to try out Monster’s Ball which looks super cute and Pumpkin which smells like a pumpkin pie! Why eat it when you can bathe in it?

Throw a Pumpkin Carving Party: Or you can just carve one yourself which is what I did this year for the first time! My pumpkin isn’t particularly groundbreaking by any stretch of the imagination but I’m happy with this first year attempt. Definitely look at pinterest for some next level inspiration. I was a bit worried about stabbing myself (haha) so I looked up several alternatives to using a knife. You can use a cookie cutter and a mallet which is how I made the flower cut outs or a screwdriver which is how I did the polka dots. To scoop out the guts and seeds, a knife will be the fastest and then use a ice cream scoop to take out the insides. Next year, I definitely want to throw a pumpkin carving party and play cheesy halloween films in the background.

What are you getting up this Halloween?