Hair To // Heatless Curls

My hair is coming to the end of its life and way overdue for a cut, colour and treatment shabam – the ends are terrible I know I know!!! I was going to book myself in for an appointment asap over mid semester break and then over the labour day long weekend but I’ve been procrastinating big time. I’ve stopped curling my hair with a tong for the last few months and have instead been doing today’s tutorial whenever I wash my hair which is 2-3 times a week.

After shampooing, I like to use Perfect Hair’s Charcoal Revitalising treatment which you keep in for ten minutes and then wash out. I then keep my hair in a towel wrap for an hour before blow-drying until 80% dry. This is technically still ‘heat’ because my hair is incredibly thick and coarse and takes approximately five years to dry so if you want to be purely heat-free, let air-dry as much as possible instead. Next, separate into two sections and twist your hair away from your face, holding your hair a third of the way down from the ear. As you continue to twist, your hair will naturally want to spiral into a coil so follow that coil and continue to twist and coil until you reach the ends. Keep coil in place with an elastic but make sure not to knot it super tightly. I made this mistake once and had trouble adjusting my head when I was trying to sleep haha!

After a night’s sleep, your curls will look super tight and coiled like the first two images but don’t worry they will drop. The last image is my hair at the end of a work day – gym workout included. The result is a little bit tousled and hair isn’t a big humidified poof which is a win in my books. I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I shot the pictures myself and used my 50mm lens, two things I haven’t done in ages. I forget how good the nifty fifty is for portrait photography – highly recommend to all bloggers who are starting out and want something under $150!