5/5 // My 5 Most Worn Pieces

Since I write about my personal style, its easy to assume that I have mountains of clothes or I drop mountains of cash on my wardrobe. Today I am here to dispel both assumptions! You’ll see here that my most worn items all come in at under $80 and considering the cost per wear is definitely down to the dollar by now, I’m happy to say I am getting a real bank for my buck with my wardrobe. Here are some of my top tips to start buying smarter:

ONE: To maximise the wear out of my pieces, I always keep only one of everything. For example, I only have one pair of white jeans so whenever I need a white bottom, they’re the only ones I can go for. Whilst its a nice idea to have a white pair with slashed knees, exposed hemming, in a ‘mom’ fit etc. its also uneconomical and a waste of closet space.

TWO: Go for pieces that will go the seasonal distance. Below, I’ve worn my BF jeans on vacation in the summer, with a heavy coat for winter (layer thermals under jeans for colder weather), dressed up with a blazer for autumn and in the spring with a ruffled shirt. With the exception of my heaviest coats and knitwear, everything else in my wardrobe works for all types of climate.

THREE: This somewhat contradicts my first rule but if something works, get it again! I wore my black flat OTK boots a lot this autumn/winter so I also upgraded to a block-heeled pair for dressier outfits and nights out.

FOUR: You can’t tell if something will be an investment piece unless you’ve tried the cheaper version first. My eyes roll a little bit out of my head whenever people preach on about investing in clothes. You can’t invest in fashion because there will never be a return!!!!! Save it for a house instead!!!!! Maybe with the exception of a few covetable designers, the idea of ‘investing’ in clothes is really quite bull – you’re really just investing in the brand name. That’s not to say you shouldn’t dream about that oh-so-covetable piece because I do I dooooo but if you’re dropping hundreds of your hard earned cash on something, you should at least know that you will be wearing it for the next decade. The reason why my white skinny jeans were only $10 is because I was 9/10 convinced that white denim was not for me but judging from these pictures, I was so so wrong! So the next time I buy a pair of white jeans, I will be happy to pay a bit more since I know they’re something that I can style a hundred ways with my existing wardrobe.

FIVE: Just because its a statement piece doesn’t mean you can’t wear it often. You will need to get a bit more creative by layering or mixing patterns but please don’t let those beautiful occasion pieces stay tucked away for all of eternity with the exception of a formal event or two. They are works of art and deserve to be admired! To do this day, everytime I wear this lace high neck shirt, I always get at least one compliment per wear!

The Boyfriend Jean: Dotti – $30 Winter 2015.

The Statement Top: c/o Shein – $20 Summer 2015

The Boater Hat: Sportsgirl – $30 (received as a Christmas present from a friend) Summer 2015

The White Jean: Cotton On – $10 Winter 2016

The OTK Boot c/o ASOS – retails for around $80 Winter 2016