21 // Sartorially Significant Moments

I recently turned 21 and to celebrate I thought I would look back at some of my most sartorially significant moments. A mix of photos and memories, I hope you enjoy this post about how I came to build my personal style.

Moment ONE: A gingham dress and straw hat – both uber trendy for SS 17 – I was clearly ahead of the game in a major way.

Moment TWO: Duck-facing since the 90s.

Moment THREE & FOUR: A fur coat over a qipao with matching mary janes and a hello kitty bag. Yes, yes and yes. The love of faux fur coats is still real in 2017.

Moment FIVE:

Moment SIX & SEVEN:

Moment EIGHT: Age 10 – This (below, left) is one of the first outfits I laid my eyes on in a Pumpkin Patch catalogue and really fell in ‘love’ with the idea of fashion. Before that my mum bought most of my clothes and dressing myself was not something I thought about. It was an all in one dress where the sweater, shirt and skirt were all connected. It should be so fitting that the debut blog post on Style Smorgasbord would feature another tartan skirt.

Moment NINE & TEN:

Moment ELEVEN: Age 13 – I start my first blog MassieBlockBlawggie based on the characters from ‘The Clique’ books by Lisi Harrison. It got hacked a couple of years after I stopped blogging which is such a shame as it did very well (even better than Style Smorgasbord sometimes)! Massie Block was the alpha of a middle school clique of a preppy east coast private girls school and wore lots of branded things. The above pink ensemble is my best interpretation outfit but if you watch the film, you will see I looked more like a ‘Claire’ than a ‘Massie’!

Moment TWELVE:

Moment THIRTEEN & FOURTEEN: My wardrobe is very colourful and these are bows are my favourite accessory.

Moment FIFTEEN: Favourite purses – I still carry the brown one to do this day!

Moment SIXTEEN: An interesting attempt at product photography with my ugg boots and a scarf?

Moment SEVENTEEN: Age 15 – I discovered YouTube this year and was very influenced by old school beauty vloggers like JuicyStar07, MacBarbie07 and StilaBabe09. I would pore over their room tours and redecorated mine in bright colours with lots of ‘Parisian’ accents.

Moment EIGHTEEN: Age 16 – In year ten, we were given a period every fortnight to work on anything we wanted that would be showcased at the end of the year. I didn’t have the resources to start a fashion blog so I did the next best thing and styled outfits and fashion collages on a site called ‘Polyvore’ – you can still see a lot of my ‘sets’ here.  Occasionally I dabbled in documenting my outfits myself with a point and shoot camera and then photoshopped myself in various places like France (right outside the Eiffel tower no less) and England.


Moment NINETEEN: Age 17 – This year, I was the most influenced by what other people wore and lost a bit of my own style. I briefly started a phonetically questionable sounding blog called Sprinkarenled which had two posts. The site is, unfortunately still live and you can access it here.

Moment TWENTY: I followed a lot of Norwegian bloggers like Erica Mohn Kvam and was very into their minimalist wardrobes and Ikea rooms. I even painted my red converse white because I couldn’t buy white ones.

Moment TWENTY ONE: Age 18 – I start Style Smorgasbord !!! With blog posts going up at least once a week, my style and influences are well documented on this site. I will go into more detail as Style Smorgasbord turns three very soon but I want to thank you for following me in my sartorial journey!








  • Laura August 17, 2017 at 6:27 pm

    What a lovely post! It’s clear you had bundles of style from day one and I love those dungarees by the way. I totally went through a bow phase too, I had so many of them so that I had something to match every (colourful) outfit I put together. Happy 21st birthday, I wish you any their year of happiness and success. Xxx

    • Karen August 18, 2017 at 10:42 am

      Thank you so much Laura lots of love to you!

  • Paula August 18, 2017 at 5:56 am

    This was such a cute and original post! It’s really nice to see that since you were little your style and likes are still there no matter how many years go by. The pictures are beautiful! And I hope you have had and amazing birthday and a greater year 🙂


    • Karen August 18, 2017 at 10:42 am

      Thank you for your ongoing support Paula, lots of love to you xoxoxo