Face-Off // Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation Review

I would say I’m rather unadventurous when it comes to my makeup. I try to make sure I have one of each product and nothing more. I’ve been using the same foundation for years because it doesn’t break me out, provides good coverage and a small pump goes a long way. When I was approached with the opportunity to review the Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation, I was so  stoked to trial a new product and oh boy, did it exceed my expectations! Since this foundation is dubbed as an “ultra wear” foundation, I wanted to give you guys some insight into how I trialled it over a three day period and how it performed for my lifestyle. I’ve also continued to wear it in the last fortnight and I still enjoy it very much so!

Thursday: I have uni on Thursdays between 10-5pm with an hour’s break at 1 for lunch. My campus is really large and sunny so I walk (and sweat) a lot. After uni, I went to the gym and took an hour body balance class which is a combination of fast paced yoga, tai chi and stretching. After a full day of wear, I usually find that my foundation has melted into my skin but this was definitely not the case today! I applied the foundation with my fingers and found that it worked really well this way.

Friday: On Fridays I have a full day of work from 8-6pm but I recently discovered a new body combat class during my lunch break that I love to take because the class is so tiny and the instructor is excellent. For the purposes of this foundation trial, I committed two beauty sins (ssh!!!): 1. I worked out with a face full of foundation 2. I took a quick shower afterwards to get rid of body sweat but left the face untouched. Again, the foundation was intact and I didn’t look as dishevelled as I usually do when I returned to work so this was a second win. Today I applied the foundation with a beauty blender and I have to say using your fingers is the way to go.

Saturday: I typically go makeup free on Saturday but after my high of two great days of the Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation, I wanted to see how my old, much loved foundation compared. Also, I had recently switched out my daily moisturiser so I was interested to see if that was partly the reason as to why the Lancôme was wearing so well. Unfortunately, I am saddened to say that my old foundation just didn’t compare. By the end of the day a lot of it had worn off around my nose and I was quite shiny. I guess this never really bothered me in the past and I just accepted it but now that I’ve had a taste of a long lasting foundation, I don’t think I can go back!

As evidenced by my day to day activities, this foundation really does wear well. They claim it has 24 hour lasting power and whilst I don’t need it to go that distance, I’m already really impressed with how long it lasts for me. I also find that its a really great base for applying blush and bronzer and they don’t disappear as quick as when I’m wearing them over my old foundation. I also didn’t realise that this is quite a reasonably priced foundation! I was expecting to pay close to $100 but its actually about half that which is wonderful news for my wallet. I love the matte glass packaging and the fact that it includes a pump – there are so many foundations on the market which require you to purchase an extra pump which is quite a nuisance! For reference, I am wearing 025 Naturel but in the summer I would probably graduate to 03 Beige Diaphane.

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  • Colourvibes June 6, 2017 at 8:53 pm

    Sounds really nice!! I’ll try it! 😉
    Thanks for the tip!