Twentieth Sunday // Egg-celent guilt free treats for Easter

How good was that extra hour’s of sleep this morning? I don’t mind a weekend sleep-in but I hate the feeling of losing precious time in the morning when I am most productive and energised. Its always sad to see daylight saving come to an end because it starts to get cold real fast and the gap for taking pictures before it gets dark is a lot shorter which makes me low-key anxious. Let’s catch up on the week’s happenings:

Reading: Paris for One by Jojo Moyes – Like everyone else, Moyes’ name made it onto my radar after Me Before You came out but up until this book, I had never read anything written by her. I did not enjoy this because I could not stand the third-person, dual-perspective and the protagonist was basically the same person from Me Before You – think quiet girl from a small town who doesn’t take many chances in life and wears quirky printed dresses. It was also super short (about 100 pages) so the plot was undeveloped and because it was told from two perspectives, this made the novella even shorter than it should have been. On the goodreads page, these stories are dubbed ‘vintage Moyes’ so I’m hoping this was a rush publication timed to sell last Christmas and I’m happy to keep an open mind and try one more of her books in the future. This book also has a collection of other, shorter stories which are not as bad as ‘Paris for One’ so I would recommend the whole book if you’re looking for a quick fifteen minute read a day.

Eating: I went to Devon in Barangaroo last Friday for a quick breakfast and it was so good! Just from the two things I sampled from the menu, this place is a winner for sure. I had the mocha (complete with latte art and the perfect balance of chocolate/coffee) and the jaffle (ham, provolone cheese, salted egg lava) which was the most delicious, crunchy toast melt I have ever had.

Buying: With April well and truly upon is, the best long weekend of the year is approaching and I am so ready. We have some plans in place already which is always nice to look forward to but I don’t mind squeezing in some more brunch dates and crisp autumn walks 😉 As long as it doesn’t rain the whole long weekend, I am a happy bunny. Speaking of bunnies, you bet I’ll be indulging in some chocolate and hot cross buns this month (might have started back in February though!) However, if you’re looking for some guilt-free alternatives, Lush always bring out the goods! My top picks to pop into your easter basket include Bunch of Carrots (favourite of the group, you can re-use it heaps and the bubble production value is insane!), Golden Egg, Chick ‘N’ Mix (basically 3 bath bombs in one), Chocolate Easter Egg Soap and the Chocolate Lip Scrub. I’ve also rounded up some up my favourite easter-themed pieces from Too Faced, Asos and Kate Spade below! If somebunny loves you, might want to start dropping some hints right about now … 😉

Watching: Supergirl returned last month and only now have I managed to catch up on the few episodes here and there including the Flash crossover which was a bit strange but also necessary to save Kara and Mon-El (phew!). Those two are adorable and so much better than Kara and James. If we could just have one episode where everyone lives boring, domestic, non-superhero lives, I wouldn’t mind one bit haha.

Working Out: I took two new classes this week – Body Pump and Hot Yoga. I’ve been going to the gym consistently for almost a month now and its amazing how many classes I still am yet to do. Body Pump is a bit like Grit but 95% weights. I also find the class a bit long but I went with a friend so it was more fun that way. After enduring muscle soreness from Body Pump I decided to take Hot Yoga to stretch out my muscles and this class really tested me although I think it could have been made even hotter but that might just be me since I’m not a big sweat-er.

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