Eighteenth Sunday: Gyms & Jobs

In my last update, a fortnight ago I told you how my friend loaned me her Fitness First class so I could start doing some classes … well I gave it back and never ended up going once. Instead, I properly signed up this week because they were doing free membership for the first four weeks and ah I’m so glad I finally went. I guess a lot of the anxiety that comes with group fitness classes is really all in my head. After my first Pilates class on Thursday I was literally buzzing with adrenaline for the next 6 hours, I got so much work done! I’ve been reading a lot of other bloggers weekly recap and the general consensus was this wasn’t the greatest week for a lot of people … nonetheless, here’s what got me through it all:

Reading: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson – This is going to take me a while to get through because its a huge book. I’ve been reading at my usual steady pace the whole week but have only made it 25% of the way. It is SO interesting if you are a bit of an Apple geek or just interested in interesting people. It was amazing to learn about how such a unique brand and its famous products came to be. Sometimes I forget that Apple disrupted multiple industries – personal computers, phones, music and to some extent retail. As I type this on my Mac, I have a newfound appreciation for all its elements and even though I am partial to Apple products because of their aesthetic, reading this biography has given me a greater insight into why everything was made a certain way.

Listening: ÷ by Ed Sheeran. My favourite song at the moment is Galway Girl but all the ballads tug at my heart <3

Following: Daphne from Mode and The City – I discovered her via The College Prepster, she is like Carly but French!

Buying: I’m looking for some new fitness gear to put into rotation now that I’m going on a daily basis. First off, I picked up these tights. I generally like to go for 7/8 pants because I know my legs are never long enough for full length ones and I hate seeing them bunch up at my ankle. Secondly, I’m in need of some new runners, I love my Roshes for classes where I go barefooted but I’m holding out for a new pair for training. Wanting something  in a bright colour! Let me know if you have any recommendations. 

  • Aria Di Bari March 6, 2017 at 8:18 am

    Oh this is so exciting! Have fun working out love!


    • Karen March 6, 2017 at 8:39 pm

      Thanks Aria!