Seventeenth Sunday: Storms & Teas a Brewing

It has been another busy busy week. I hate saying that because I know a lot of my busy-ness could be discounted if I wasn’t aimlessly scrolling through things. My friend loaned me her gym pass (ssh) for the interim and I couldn’t even make it to the gym once the whole week. In retrospect, I could have probably gone if I tried a bit harder because you know what they say about making the time for things that are important …

Reading: Everybody Rise by Stephanie Clifford – Set a couple of years before the financial crisis (but written in ’15), this was an interesting read for somebody who is deeply fascinated with the ‘Lily Pulitzer set*; even the cover in its pink and green glory is an obvious nod to that group. It was most interesting to see the decline of our anti-hero as she reaches high society at a debutante no less, trip and fall to the bottom. At the conclusion of the novel, you can tell the GFC is about to hit and how for most, the appeal of ‘old money’ was never really there except for those who had it and those who wanted it. Its got the themes of a modern Great Gatsby; money, ambition, family and friendship but mixed with a whole lotta bubblegum pop.

Watching: In anticipation of the Beauty and the Beast release, I’ve been watching all the featurettes that have been coming out and the latest BTS video has me super excited. Its SO beautiful, the set looks amazing and even though I loved Cinderella from a few years ago, this looks bigger and more magical.

Drinking: T2 Iced Teas to go. As much as I love brewing teas at home, I always find the T2 teas taste SO much more delicious in store so their new boxed teas are a wonderful refreshing quencher in the summer. Available in four flavours 🙂

Following: Jennifer Lake from Style Charade – every post is shot in front of a mural which must be a ton of dedication on her part! I went 100 pages into her archives and every post is always on brand every time.

Buying: I’m working with Surfstitch in the coming weeks to bring you guys some swanky back to uni looks! Super stoked as Surfstitch is a website I’ve been familiar with ever since I started ordering those trendy Hurley backpacks in high school. In fact, I think they were the first place I experienced express shipping from! They’re doing further 20% off all sale items until tomorrow but if you miss out and you’re still at uni, make sure to use your unidays discount code. I’ve rounded up some fantastic uni basics down below.

Snaps from the week: ONE – Valentine’s Day in the City /  TWO – A giant cupcake in Darling Harbour / THREE – A hailstorm in Sydney – my front and backyard looked like they were covered in snow / FOUR – Margaritas & Mexican 

It’s the aesthetics of Pulitzer’s clothes. Which are, with their festively flora-fauna-ed prints, the sartorial equivalents of the people who can’t stop talking about the juice cleanse they’re on. They are perky, insistently so. They are self-absorbed, aggressively so. Your retinas aren’t currently up for seeing some bubble-gum-pink toucans, their bills interlocked in an explosion of avian paisley? Lilly Pulitzer does not care. Lilly Pulitzer does not even think to ask. Pulitzer’s clothes evoke not just wealth, but class. They speak to a status that is conferred rather than earned, and that cannot—with apologies to hard work and good luck and all the other vehicles of the American dream—be fully democratized. The garments are evidence in that sense not (just) of conspicuous consumption, but rather of privilege as it plays out as an economic system.  These are clothes that are worn by people for whom life is, in relative terms, a permanent vacation. [excerpt taken from The Atlantic