Fifteenth Sunday: Its written in the stars

This week was a week of returning my life back to ‘normal’. Getting back into waking up early, writing lists and going to work. I’m in a bit of a limbo stage right now with working out. I’m going to join the new gym once we move to our new offices at work but I don’t know what to do with my body during this month because Sunday swims aren’t substantial enough to cancel out all the sitting down I do everyday. 

Reading: The Lifeboat Clique – I quite enjoyed this contemporary YA even though it didn’t have any literary ships to root for (hahaha get it ?) Tales of survival aren’t usually up my alley but this was interwoven with flashbacks to a middle school friendship gone sour. It’s about a freak tsunami that happens in the middle of a high school party and a small group of survivors that are not exactly friends with the narrator but spend two weeks surviving on a tinny boat. Definitely want something more intellectually stimulating for the next week so if you have any suggestions, especially non-fiction titles please let me know!

Watching: Suits is back on!! Two episodes have come out and it’s good to be back but everything feels weird without Jessica and the firm. If you are a business major this show is basically an extracurricular to your degree so I suggest you jump on it if you haven’t already.

Wondering: It’s February and I finally decided to update my planner. I was initially not going to keep a physical one this year but since I have my Kikki K planner from two years ago (and spent a decent amount of money on it) I thought I would just buy the refill sets and put it to good use again. I’m going to use this one for anything that isn’t work related. I have the Valentine’s Day themed kit! Look at the cute-ass valentines day collection here.

Eating: I really like the matcha red bean frappe at ChaTime. Oh and Adriano Zumba has a new zumbaron called cinnamon doughnut. So so good !!!

Buying: Anything constellation themed. Lovisa has a bunch of beautiful earrings out now but I’ve compiled my favourites below. Obviously dresses and bags will eventually phase out so if you’re on a budget, I suggest only going for jewellery or some pretty hair pins with an all black look. Divine as the gods! All hail Saint Laurent. 

  • michaela March 2, 2017 at 10:38 pm

    Suits is on the “to watch list” – i’ve only ever heard positive things about it… I love planning as well, I find it therapeutic at times! Enjoy the rest of your week..


    • March 4, 2017 at 4:27 pm

      It just ended so you have to time to catch up Michaela!