The First Day (2 Days Late)

Originally written (02/01/17): Happy Two Thousand and Seventeen and first Sunday Session of the year! This was meant to go live yesterday but the SS server was down yesterday and this morning – cue hours of panic, waiting for service providers to call and live chat support. Enunciating the site address of Style Smorgasbord ten million times made me want to cry. Hopefully that’s the last of my technical problems for 2017 (puh-lease it kills me every time!!!)

Here’s what I got up to during my last week of 2016: meeting Gray Malin (favourite fine art photographer) at his Bondi book signing (!!!); eating the best tofu burger in the world; catching up with friends and family after the mad rush of Christmas and ringing in the new year with some large margaritas and lots of laughs! Despite some technical mishaps, I’m excited for 2017 blog posts to be better than ever before!

Edit (03/01/17): I was SUPER MAD yesterday. When things go wrong and its out of my control, I cannot deal. I think I was particularly on edge after seeing blogger after blogger post their gorgeous first day of the new year posts filled with cheery resolutions and optimistic spirits. It’s the third today and I’m feeling a lot LOT better. I figured out a way to work around my issue so I can have access to my site temporarily whilst I work with my hosting company to get access again. I stayed far away from my emails (or should we say lack of emails from my hosting company *ugh*), my new lens came in the mail today (hurrah!) and I’ve blocked out some time for tomorrow to shoot some content. Cheers to the new year (even if we’re 2 Days Late!).

Featuring: Dotti Blouse / Kayla Itsines Book / Country Road Sandals / Triangl Bikini (c/o) / Typo World Map